Airport Tips for Guardianship Clients and Senior/Disabled Individuals

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Airport Tips for Guardianship Clients and Senior/Disabled Individuals

As a guardian or advocate, there are times when we work toward setting up out of state travel for our clients. Along with the legal legwork that may have to be done, such as obtaining the proper orders allowing travel, we have discovered some great tips for helping guardianship clients navigate through the airport. These tips can work well for elderly and/or disabled individuals as well.

When individuals need additional assistance at the airport to get to and from the gate, a special pass can be assigned allowing one person access to accompany the traveling individual through the airport. However, the pass is not available at all times. When the threat level through Homeland Security is heightened, passes may not be allowed.

Another way to ensure the client (or senior / disabled individual) makes it safely to the gate is to request a wheelchair. Once obtained, an airport staff member will wheel the individual to the gate. This option works well when assistance passes are not being offered at the airport.

If you are in doubt as to the best way to get your guardianship client or senior / disabled individual safely to their gate at the airport, consider coordinating both a wheelchair and an assistance pass. That way, no matter what is going on in the airport that day, there will be an option available to ensure the individual navigates the airport without issue, hopefully.



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