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It is hot hot hot! Keeping our seniors cool and hydrated this summer

Seniors are especially prone to dehydration  On any given day due to many  factors.  And now, with temperatures this summer at an all time high, the risk is even greater.  Things that contribute to dehydration in our aging population are: the bodies’ ability to conserve water is reduced thirst mechanism is decreased responses to changes in temperature are reduced chronic…

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Diabetes and insulin- Fun fact!

This week back in 1921, Dr. Frederick Banting and a medical student by the name of Charles H. Best injected a diabetic dog with an extracted hormone (later to be labeled as insulin) and found that it lowered the pup’s blood glucose level. 95 years later  over 2 million diabetics are using insulin as their…

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National Parents Day July 26th, 2016

Did you know there is a national holiday for Parents’ Day?  It is recognized on the fourth Sunday of July each year. So whether you’re a married parent, foster parent, fur parent, senior parent or a single parent- July 26th is your day to celebrate. Be sure to also remember your parent on Parents’ Day. …

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