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Change of Address Policies When Changing Facilities

If you are moving a client to a new facility, it’s a given that you don’t want to leave their mail behind.

Unfortunately, you might soon realize that the post office will often refuse to process a request for Change of Address (COA) from one facility address to another.

We’ve found two workarounds to make sure we don’t miss out on important mail for our clients.



If you have a client moving from a facility, you will need to speak to the facility staff to request they do one of two things:

  • Hold the mail for you to pick up on your regular visits.
  • Ask that the facility staff forwarded to your office as soon as it comes in (this can be a bit dicey, especially during the holidays or tax season) and the staff may not be the keen on getting this done often.

The reasons for this are: some facilities/building staff actually sort and process the mail to the client’s individual unit/room # because it is often addressed to the building’s physical location only. The USPO folks do not know which room Mrs. Smith is in. The post office will do a COA for a full address change, such as when a client moves out of their own home into a facility.

FYI – when clients move, we almost always perform a COA to our office address ONLY.


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