Four Common Types of Guardians for Adults in Florida

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Four Common Types of Guardians for Adults in Florida

When it comes to adult guardianship in Florida, there are four common types of Guardians. Depending on the client’s particular needs, one type of Guardian may be better suited for a specific case than another.

Here is a breakdown of each of the common types of Guardians for adults in Florida:

Professional Guardian
Most commonly involved when there are no willing, interested, appropriate, or available family or friends able to serve as Guardian. A Professional Guardian is also often appointed when there are multiple feuding family members all wanting to be the guardian, and the courts determine that an independent Professional Guardian is the better option.

Public Guardian
A State recognized entity, usually a non-profit agency, funded through public and grant dollars. Public Guardians serve individuals with little-to-no assets, usually referred to as pro bono clients.

Family Guardian (relating to adults only)
A family member or friend who is willing, able, and appropriate to serve as the guardian for the individual who is in need of a decision maker for the Person and/or Property.

Corporate Guardian – Of the Property
This is usually a trust entity, like a bank or trust department of a financial institution, managing the funds and assets of an individual determined to be unable to handle their own financial affairs.


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