What Happens When a Client Can’t Take Care of Their Pet?

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What Happens When a Client Can’t Take Care of Their Pet?

If you visit the Guardian Care office, you will most likely notice something out of the ordinary – pets roaming the hallways.

Since 2012, we have had a cat named Whiskers* in our “day care program,” and recently we acquired a new resident, a bird named George*. Don’t worry – they are in different offices. (*Name have been changed to protect the innocent.)

These pets are beloved babies of our clients, and just like many other animals throughout the years, they came to stay with us when the client could no longer adequately care for them.

It has always been our policy that when a pet can no longer reside with their pet-parent, we try our hardest to find that pet-baby a home. We look to family members, friends, and neighbors of the client to see if they are willing to take care of the animal; however, many times there is no family or friends willing to permanently take care of the pet.

It is the Guardian’s responsibility to take care of the client’s life, including their pets. So what are they to do when they can’t find anyone to care for the pet?

Guardian Care Cat “Whiskers”

Every Guardian must answer this question for themselves. Being animal lovers, our perspective about rescues, animal control, and the SPCA is that it is often a one way door, an avenue that often means the pet is put down. While we are fine adopting animals from these places, we try VERY hard to never take a client’s pet to one of these places.

For our office, if we can’t find a suitable home from someone the client knows, we turn to our office staff. When that doesn’t work, I’ve been known to adopt a pet or two over the years.

I consider myself lucky that my staff feels the way I do, and that they are willing to pitch in where needed, even when it means taking care of (and falling in love with) a client’s pet for the rest of its days.

That’s why Guardian Care has always been a pet friendly company. Whether we’re two-legged, four-legged, winged, or tailed, none of us should ever face abandonment, even if we are a bit older, grumpy and funny-smelling.



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