Phone Conversation Between Sisters

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Phone Conversation Between Sisters

Ruth – “Hi, Peggy, can we talk about mom for a bit?”

Peggy – “Ok, Sis – let me get a glass of wine and go out on the porch so I can see the mountains while we talk. Ok, go ahead.”

Ruth – “So I stopped by Mom’s beach condo yesterday on my way back to Tennessee,  and there were a lot of things that looked weird.”

Peggy – “Like what?”

Ruth – “Like she had odd stuff in her fridge. There were dish towels and empty plastic bags in there. When I asked her why they were in the fridge, she said – “That guy keeps moving stuff around her place.”  I asked her what guy – she said she didn’t know his name but he comes in her kitchen and bedroom all the time and moves stuff.”

Peggy – “What? Who is this guy? “

Ruth – “I don’t know. Then I found NSF letters from two different banks. Mom has money – why would she be bouncing checks?”

Peggy – “Was there any food in the fridge?”

Ruth – “Not much. Also she has not paid her condo fees, so I went to the office to see what that was about. The office manager said that we girls had better get help for our mother before somebody robs her blind. Can you come down and check on her next week?”

Peggy – “I don’t know, Rick has that surgery coming up so I can’t leave till he’s back on his feet. I think we need to find somebody locally to help. I have the Power of Attorney document that her attorney prepared a few years back. We need help.”

Ruth – ” Ok – who do we hire?”


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