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Q+A: How to Access Mom’s Accounts


“My mom has been in a hospital in Florida for weeks. I took FMLA leave from my job in New York and am now at her condo down here. Her bills are piling up, but I don’t have access to her accounts to pay them. What can I do?” – Suzie



Hi Suzie. That can be a tough situation with a lot of pressure. Here are a few questions and possible suggestions.

Is your mom able to execute a durable power of attorney (DPOA)? You’ll want to work with a local attorney experienced in Elder Law to prepare this document for her. Some attorneys will even travel to the hospital to help facilitate the process.

Does your mom have several accounts? If she uses different banks (for savings, credit union, etc.), there’s a chance she has added you as a co-signer to one of them. It might be worth checking into.

Hope that helps.


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