Tips and Facts on Bed Bugs

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Tips and Facts on Bed Bugs

It was inevitable – after nearly two decades of being bug-free, we are finally experiencing the dreaded bed bug bother with two different clients.

Treating bed bugs is not easy, for many reasons, including: cost, disruption to the client, roommate issues, facility staff avoiding the room (and maybe the client), and the list goes on.

This has made us rethink facility moves, and what items we plan to move from one location to another, especially beds and pillows.

Here are a few interesting things we’ve learned about bed-bugs:

  • They are the most active between 3 and 5 a.m.
  • Commonly found in the mattress, around the stitching, but can also be found on headboards, pictures behind the wall, around carpet edgings, on bed frames, in the folds of linens, and in remote controls
  • Bed bugs feed every 3 to 7 days – or once or twice a week when people are present
  • Bed bugs can drink up to 3 times their weight in one meal
  • They can survive up to 550 days without food
  • Bed bugs can have up to 10,000 babies in three months
  • Beagles can be trained to sniff out bed bugs
  • Once infested, it is typically very difficult to treat, particularly in multi-unit dwellings


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